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Why You Need To Try White Sauce

Having the best BBQ sauce is a great enhancer for your smoked or grilled goods. And normally, BBQ sauces come in dark colors. But, there is one sauce that stands out because of its white color.

A BBQ sauce that is white?

Yes, a white BBQ sauce!

It may appear or sound very off-putting for a barbecue sauce but wait until you try it.

Apparently, this white BBQ sauce originally introduced by Big Bob Gibson in Alabama. And this is largely the reason why it is popularly called as the Alabama White Sauce.

The base ingredient of this sauce is mayonnaise. This is actually the reason for its color.

Other primary ingredients of this sauce include pepper, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and salt. But because many have found this as a very great smoked meat enhancer, variations of the said sauce continue to expand until today.

The well-known variations of the white sauce normally include cayenne, garlic powder, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce.

From the ingredients alone, you could already see or imagine how unique and refreshing this sauce is. It’s like a whole new approach to BBQ sauces of today.

White Sauce on Smoked Meats and Grilled Goods

By and large, any kinds of meat would work great with the Alabama White Sauce. But, it is much more recommended to try it with smoked chicken meats, especially on wings.

It’s a real game-changer for BBQ chicken meats.

Apparently, Big Bob Gibson introduced the White Sauce when he thinly spread the sauce on smoked boneless chicken. It paved ways for many Americans at that time to experience a whole new level of enhancement in chicken meats.

And it works great with turkey and pork too!

But while the White Sauce is best to partner with such meats, they can work great as well with beef and other meats as well. In the end, your taste buds are still the ones you could rely on.

Step-Up Your Grilled Wings As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Creating your own White Sauce is very convenient and easy. In fact, you only need a few minutes to finish your own version of Alabama White Sauce. And this is another reason why you need to try this sauce.

All you need to do is to gather all the primary ingredients and mix everything well. And if you like to add a few spices, you may use other ingredients too. You have to continue to whisk everything until you see a homogeneous mixture.

Once done, place it in a clean bottle and refrigerate. It’s best to consume when cold.



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