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The Sauce Is Just As Important As The Grill

The genuine flavor of a barbeque is in the meat itself. But while the chosen cut and type of meat are the largest factors that affect the taste, it can depend on grills and sauces too.

Apparently, grills and sauces play important roles in a barbeque. They can either make or break your barbeque sessions. So, it is very important to mind these things carefully.

To Sauce or Not To Sauce

The debate over whether to sauce your smoked meat or not is still on-going. In fact, it is one of the biggest concerns of many grill and BBQ enthusiasts.

Some meat lovers, especially Texans would prefer their meats “unadulterated’. And by means of unadulterated is to include sauces on barbequed meats. Others, however, would love their smoked and grilled goods be paired with its respective appropriate sauces.

Either way, the debate may never end.

But, the truth is BBQ sauces are great meat enhancers. They can significantly raise the bar of different meats. And apparently, they complement well the smoky flavors. And the same is true for grills.

The Invisible Relationship Between Sauces and Grills

An effective and efficient grill is the one that gives the smoky flavor to a meat. If you use a cheaply-built, low-quality grill, then don’t expect for a great barbeque. And the same principle applies to sauces. But, sauces are mainly for enhancing the smoky flavor.

Only a few would see the invisible hand that ties the sauce and grill together. Little did everyone know that sauce is just as important as a grill. And nothing beats having the most appropriate BBQ sauce and the best BBQ grill.

Nevertheless, it will all still depend on your personal preference. Whether you are in favor of including sauces or not on your smoked meats, you will be the one to know what works best for you.

The Right Kind of Grill

There three main kinds of BBQ grills – charcoal, gas, and electric. But, if you are looking for grills that can effectively provide a smoky flavor on your meats, electric types won’t make it to the top choices. And you will be left with either charcoal or gas.

Charcoal grills are the most basic types. They are pretty inexpensive and can largely provide a genuine smokey flavor. But the biggest drawback of these grills is that they can be quite messy to use.

The other type of grill that can give you a smokey taste is the gas types. They normally come with 1 to 2 burners which are considered the portable grills. But, they are much more costly than charcoal grills. Also, there are additional costs when using them since you will need gas.

In the end, gas grills are much better to use because of convenience. Aside from the fact that they are much cleaner, you can easily manage and monitor the temperature and grilling period.

And if you are looking for a quality gas grill, you may want to check out the Napoleon Prestige Pro series. It is actually one of our most favorite series of grills. They are heavy-duty, durable, and fully-featured types of a gas grill.

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